Istanbul’s biggest Terrace with Bosphorus view

Izaka Terrace


Mezze Mave Restaurant is a seafood and fish restaurant with varieties of traditional appetizers, fish varieties and
chosen flavors from the world cuisine.
The front façade with a wide Bosphorus view is completed by set-top box areas consisting of private boxes in the back area.
The wine cellar and wine tasting area, equipped with carefully selected wine from 10 different regions of the world, is one of our specialties.


The Midd Restaurant, serving kebab and meat varieties, offers a Bosphorus view, stone oven and a modern open firepit area.
You will experience outstanding examples of Middle Eastern and Anatolian cuisine from soups to desserts and magnificent appetizers at The Midd Restaurant 
all accompanied by an astonishing Bosphorus view.
The Midd Restaurant has a PDR (Private Dining Room) for a total of 25 people. The PDR area uses the current menu but also has a completely special menu of its own.


Hitode, meaning “Starfish” in Japanese, is one of the important brands of Izaka Terrace with its wide range of sushi and selected Far East flavors.

You can order from the Hitode menu at the sushi bar or from the restaurant area you are currently in.


Izaka Terrace Bar


With a capacity of approximately 80 people, Izaka Terrace Bar is an area with a wide view of the Bosphorus.

The Bar & Lounge is serving between 15:00 and 02:00 and while you are enjoying the view until sunset, you will experience a warm and sincere night atmosphere with performances of renown DJs.

Private Dining Room


Izaka Terrace has two exclusive, reservation-only dining areas, which can host up to 10 or 15 persons. These areas will be reserved only for you and your guests, so you can host your VIP dinner parties and exclusive meetings, and enjoy a beautiful dinner while admiring the breathtaking Bosphorus view.